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Kenaitze Indian Tribe

September 16 & 17

Dena’ina Wellness Center
Kenai, AK

Dena’ina Plants as Food and Medicine Conference.
Nudnelyahi Qudulyi – That which Grows Medicine.

The Nudnelyahi Qudulyi Conference is an opportunity for the people to know their power through education; through personal, familial and community connection; perpetuation of traditional knowledge; and ultimately, wellness.




What’s Coming in 2018:

In 2018 we will continue to support regions with Mini APFM symposium requests, and plan to offer smaller, more intensive APFM sessions/workshops/courses in Anchorage throughout the year.


ANTHC’s Health Promotion, Wellness & Prevention wants to thank you for your time and shared interest in Alaskan Plants as Food & Medicine.

Our combined efforts to promote traditional plant knowledge and ethical harvesting helps to ensure that our future generations are knowledgeable in regards to the nutritional and healing benefits of plants.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Health Promotion Program


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